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Many people look into identity theft protection and then are discouraged by the high prices compared to the mediocre service offered by many of these programs. This LifeLock review will show you the valuable features unique to LifeLock. Make sure you read all the way to the bottom to receive a special LifeLock promotion code that will save you money!


LifeLock Comparison Chart

Identity Truth
Credit Reports
Reduction in Pre-Approved Credit Card Offers
$1 Million Total Service Guarantee
Legal Assistance to recover Stolen Identities
Customer Service
a Year
a Year
a Year
a Year
a Year
a Year

LifeLock Partner Promo Code

What is the LifeLock Partner Promo Code “DEFENSE”, and how can I get the discount? When signing up for an annual membership you will get 30 days free and get an additional 10% off of the membership, making an annual membership only $99. If you decide to pay monthly, you still get the 10% discount and the 30 day trial period still applies. All you need to do is simply follow the link below and use the LifeLock Partner Promo Code: “DEFENSE.”

Why should you use the LifeLock Partner Promo Code: “DEFENSE”?

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes, with 10 million affected in 2008, 11 million affected in 2009, and who knows how many will be affected in 2010. Even using numbers as low as 9 million victims per year, a new person is a victim of identity theft every 13 seconds.

The truth is that with the expansion of technology, especially social networking, one’s identity is becoming more and more compromised. It’s been reported by that hacked Twitter accounts are being sold for up to $1000, depending on the amount of followers, so that cyber-criminals can use them as vessels to send out information-stealing malware.

Other identity thieves are using skimmers to steal your card information to make duplicate cards to use whenever they want. Some resort to rummaging through your trash to get your personal information.

The majority of the victims of identity theft only come to realize that their identity has been stolen when they are trying to apply for new credit cards or loans. Wouldn’t it be nice to know before then? Wouldn’t it be nice to know whenever your personal information was being used to apply for credit, employment, or an address change? Let LifeLock do that for you!

Unfortunately, The times call for everyone being protected against identity theft. LifeLock is making it more affordable. Simply use the LifeLock Partner promo code “DEFENSE” and keep your credit safe. You never know what life will throw at you and when you will need your credit. Make sure that it is protected so that it’s there for you when you need it.


LifeLock Reviews

If you want to try out LifeLock for FREE for 30 days and Pay Only $9 Use the LifeLock promotion code “DEFENSE“. Click Here to use it now.

This Identity Theft Protection System is Proactive, Not Reactive. LifeLock is America’s most trusted Identity Theft Protection Program. Click here to visit the site

LifeLock’s CEO, Todd Davis, has publicly broadcasted his social security number via radio, internet and television. That is the level of confidence that he has in his product.

How Does LifeLock Help To Protect You?

Pre-approved credit card offers are reduced. Other forms of unsolicited junk mail are also restricted from being sent to your residence. This prevents thieves from being able to steal personal identifiable mail from you.

After the locks are set you will be contacted each time credit is applied for in your name. Only you can authorize credit approval. If a thief attempts to use your identity, you will be the first to know. Your accounts will constantly be monitored as long as you remain a LifeLock member.

Additional LifeLock Reviews

How is LifeLock Different From Other Companies?

  • LifeLock eliminates unsolicited credit card and junk mail from being sent to your business or residence.
  • Receive free credit reports from each of the major bureaus.
  • Guard your whole family from falling victim to identity theft. Even your children are susceptible.

Identity thieves are becoming more sophisticated with every passing day. Don’t wait until it’s to late. Be proactive and protect your family before its to late.

If you want to try out LifeLock for FREE for 30 days and Pay Only $9 a Month click on the below link. The promo code “DEFENSE” that entitles you to the discount is embedded in the link.

At the end of the 30-day free period your card will be billed automatically ($9 monthly / $99 annually) unless you cancel within the 30-day period. You can cancel anytime without penalty by calling 1-800-543-5625. Offer is for new members only.

Visit the Official LifeLock Website Now!

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LifeLock Promotion Code

Money has been tight for many lately, causing Identity Theft to rise more rapidly and causing financial stress to everyday people.

LifeLock understands this and wants to make LifeLock memberships easier to afford so that people can get the protection that they deserve. LifeLock is offering the LifeLock promotion code “DEFENSE” so that members will get a whole month of LifeLock protection for free, and pay only $9 for each of the remaining months. That’s under $100/year!

LifeLock promotion codes make this great service even more affordable, so there’s no reason to leave your identity unguarded.
LifeLock is the leader in Identity Theft Protection and continues to hold the lead by offering LifeLock promotion codes that help its members save big.

LifeLock is famous for its proactive system that alerts its members when their identity is being used to apply for credit, employment, or anything else.

Many other features have been added since then, such as having a person assigned to replace all of your missing information and cards if you lose your wallet, and proactive searches for the sale of your identity on the black market.

Remember, when signing up for LifeLock, always remember to use the LifeLock Promotion Code “DEFENSE”


LifeLock VS Equifax

When 11.1 million Americans become victims of identity theft in a single year, you know it’s time to take protecting your identity more seriously. So, you start your research, and you realize very quickly that researching identity theft protection services is like sipping from a water hydrant.

Don’t get discouraged. We’ve put together comparisons of the most highly rated services in the industry to make your work easier. Generally, identity theft protection strategies are based on a model of comprehensive services, or one of basic credit monitoring. Examples of these models are LifeLock and credit reporting agency Equifax.



LifeLock VS Trusted ID

Maybe it was the most recent data breach news, or maybe it was a conversation with a co-worker who’s fighting to correct his credit record. Whatever the reason, now that you’ve decided to enroll in an identity theft protection service, you need some facts.

Two of the most comprehensive and highly-rated services are LifeLock and TrustedID. But you’re going to have to make a choice, so here’s a concise comparison of LifeLock and TrustedID.


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LifeLock vs. IdentityTruth

Identity theft sometimes begins thousands of miles away when hackers in Eastern Europe or Asia penetrate an American corporation’s under-protected servers, stealing millions of account records. Later, the hackers will sell the names, addresses, birth dates, Social Security numbers, bank account and credit card information on the Internet.

If you’ve been involved in a data breach, suddenly even those faraway attacks can hit close to home, and millions of people have already chosen to enroll in identity theft protection services.

We’ve researched the top-rated services, including LifeLock and IdentityTruth, and compared their products, strategies and prices. Your security begins here and now—with information.


LifeLock VS Intelius

Some say identity theft protection services use scare tactics to sell their products … who needs it, right?

When more than 11 million people become identity theft victims in a single year, and when data breaches compromise 280 million records in a single year, the answer to the question of who needs identity theft protection service is: everyone. Those numbers came from Javelin Strategy and Research and Verizon Business, not some identity theft service. If you’ve been thinking about getting identity theft protection, think about that.

We’ve put together some information about LifeLock, an identity theft service with more than 1.6 million members, and Intelius, a public records data company that specializes in background checks for employers and users of online-dating services, and identity theft protection.


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LifeLock VS Truston

Some people are proactive, trying to head off trouble and protect themselves from it; others are reactive, waiting until trouble strikes and then cleaning up the mess as best they can. Fortunately, there are identity theft protection services for both kinds of people.

We compared services of some of the most highly regarded identity theft services available. One of them—LifeLock—is for people who would rather avoid trouble. The other service—Truston—is for consumers who have already become identity theft victims, and provides them with DIY guides to walk them through the initial steps of reporting the crime and keep track of the tasks they’ve completed and those yet to be done.


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