LifeLock® Promotion Code

Money has been tight for many lately, causing Identity Theft to rise more rapidly and causing financial stress to everyday people.

LifeLock® understands this and wants to make LifeLock® memberships easier to afford so that people can get the protection that they deserve. LifeLock® is offering the LifeLock® promotion code “DEFENSE” so that members will get a whole month of LifeLock® protection for free+, and pay only $9 for each of the remaining months. That’s under $100/year!

LifeLock® promotion codes make this great service even more affordable, so there’s no reason to leave your identity unguarded.
LifeLock® is the leader in Identity Theft Protection and continues to hold the lead by offering LifeLock® promotion codes that help its members save big.

LifeLock® is famous for its proactive system that alerts its members when their identity is being used to apply for credit, employment, or anything else.

Many other features have been added since then, such as having a person assigned to replace all of your missing information and cards if you lose your wallet, and proactive searches for the sale of your identity on the black market. Excludes pictures, cash, and cash equivalents.

Remember, when signing up for LifeLock®, always remember to use the LifeLock® Promotion Code “DEFENSE”

+At the end of the 30-day free period your card will be billed automatically ($9 monthly / $99 annually) unless you cancel within the 30-day period. You can cancel anytime without penalty by calling 1-800-543-5625. Offer is for new members only.
Applicable sales tax not included.

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